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Mammal Winter Boots

When you are out skiing, hiking or wandering through the snow, you want to make sure your feet are protected effectively. Our collection of Mammal winter boots is a winter essential, especially when participating in winter sports or activities.

Our mammal winters boots are breathable, and water and snow resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use, no matter the weather. The faux trim, featured on many of our winter boots, provides an additional layer of warmth and comfort and style. The fully fleece-lined interior also provides added warmth and comfort, so you could wear them for hours.

To provide an added layer of stability, our mammal winter boots feature ice crampons on the boot base, which provides extra grip in icy conditions. The rubber sole, in general, is contoured for grip on certain terrain.

We have different sizes available, typically from size three to size seven, making them suitable for many people. We also have different colours and styles available, for those looking for some variety.

At Scooter and Ski, we offer various high-quality products, such as parts for your scooter, stunt scooters and associated accessories. In addition, we also have a wide range of ski products, skates and skateboards for you to browse through, as well as clothing suitable for different sports. If you need any more information about our range of Mammal winter boots, our experienced team at Scooter and Ski can help.

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