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Scooter safety kit is so much more than keeping you safe. It will also give you greater confidence to practice your scooter tricks without the fear of falling and causing an injury. Scooter protection includes helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and more. Even if you don’t use mini ramps, quarters, boxes or rails in the skate park, you still need the right protective equipment. When it comes to deciding what type of equipment to buy, always start with the basics which will include a helmet. Always buy a skate helmet rather than a bike helmet because scooter helmets offer much greater protection and can withstand multiple hits while also protecting the back of your head. As well as the helmet, we also advise the use of knee pads and elbow pads to complete the set. You might also want to consider using a mouthguard which can stop you from hurting your mouth or teeth if you fall and hit your face on the scooter bar. In this section, you will find all of the safety equipment that you need to keep yourself safe no matter how adventurous you might want to be on your scooter. We only source products from the best brands so we can continue to offer you the very best. Each of our product pages includes all the information that you will need to choose the right equipment and it also lists pricing information. Simply add to the checkout and complete your purchase in a few simple steps.

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