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Micro scooters

Transform your life, and shorten your commute time by travelling on a Micro Scooter. You can have some fitness fun, and get the whole family involved by using a Micro Scooter, either for your commute to work or for some casual adventures.

Our range of Micro Scooters is affordable, innovative and easy to use. Many scooters in this collection have adjustable handlebars and aluminium frames. All of our Micro Scooters, however, are made to last and are hard-wearing.

Micro Scooters would make a suitable gift for anyone learning to use a scooter for the first time. The tilt and lean steering on our mini micro classic scooters, for example, allow children to balance and turn easily while they zoom around happily.

We have scooters with two wheels or three wheels in this collection. The three-wheeled design aids a child’s balance and can increase their confidence level, which is essential when learning to ride.

We pride ourselves on high-quality and effective customer service at Scooter and Ski. We offer a wide selection of scooter parts, stunt scooters and accessories right here in our online shop. We also offer a variety of ski products, skateboards and skates, along with appropriate clothing. If you need any additional information about our products, including our Micro Scooters range, we are always happy to answer your questions. Feel free to contact our team today.

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