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Skateboard bearings are a versatile product that are compatible with many different skateboards. They are round, metal pieces that will fit inside of wheels to mount wheels to an axle. Skateboard bearings are all the same size, no matter the size of the skateboard wheel so all of our products will fit any skateboard wheel that we stock on our website. Typically, they are measured using the ABEC scale which moves up in increments from one to eleven in odd numbers. When shopping for bearings, 9 is the highest precision. This rating does not however take into consideration the grade of the material used in the manufacture of the product. The material grade is an important factor in the speed of the bearing. Typically, there are two bearings that are used for each wheel along with a spacer. Sold in sets of eight, each wheel will need two bearings. You can browse and buy directly from us a range of bearings to suit your requirements. We have an extensive inventory of skateboard bearings in lots of different colours to suit your style and preferences. If there is something that you would like to ask us about the bearings on our website or if you have a question about skateboard bearings in general, please do not hesitate to contact our team either by phone or email and we will happily provide all the details you need, point you in the right direction or offer lots of information and advice to help you find the product that you need to buy.

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