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Complete Skateboards

At Scooter and Ski, we offer a selection of skateboards in a variety of designs and styles. We believe that it’s important that our customers have access to a broad range of skateboards that are the right fit for your ability and requirements. We want you to find a board that will work for your ability too. Our dedicated skateboard category includes all of the products that you need and information to make an informed buying choice. In our skate shop, we offer a variety of complete skateboards that are ready to go. In addition, we also sell decks and spare parts to make it easy and simple to customise your board to your unique specification. Before you buy your skateboard, it’s important that you understand which one would work best for you based on your requirements. A skateboard for a beginner, for example, will be different from one for flips, tricks and ramps. If you want to cruise or carve then a skateboard might not be the right one for you and you may need a longboard instead. Whichever skateboard that you settle on, you can rest assured that the skateboards you buy from us will last a long time. Most skateboard decks are made from maple because of its strength and can sustain repeated bumps, scrapes and knocks associated with tricks and stunts. Browse our range of skateboards or if there’s something you need some help with, don’t forget our customer care team is always happy to help.

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