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Protecting your head and reducing the effects of impact are two of the main reasons why a helmet is an essential part of your skiing attire. Over the years, helmets have evolved in both design and the materials to keep you safer. The best helmets will include Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) which will significantly reduce the likelihood of an angled hit resulting in a concussion. Our helmet product range is extensive, and we supply a selection of quality helmets that fit with the shape of your head. While the snow looks soft, it isn’t and even when you fall into soft snow it still has the potential to cause damage. That’s where our helmets come in useful. They are comfortable and lightweight as well as being easy to wear so you can ski with confidence knowing that your head will be properly protected if you have a fall. Scooter and Ski have been supplying skiers for a number of years with all kinds of ski accessories, clothing and more. We take a great deal of pride in sourcing all of our products from the best suppliers to ensure that we offer you products that are reliable, safe and comfortable to wear. If you have any questions about our helmets or you want to find something specific, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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