Who doesn’t fancy spending their festive season surrounded by family, friends, fun and fantastic snow? We all dream of a white Christmas and a skiing holiday vacation and the Christmas season make a splendid combination. Once considered to be the sports of the affluent class- the bankers, movie stars or royalty, recently more and more people from all walks of life are spending Christmas with their family on a skiing holiday. Though still a pricey option, nothing in the world can beat the euphoria of spending Christmas with your loved ones having a great time on the white slopes surrounded by fresh air and beautiful scenery.

But if you are headed for a skiing holiday and you are first time skier or snowboarder, there are a few things that you must consider before you take off on that dream trip.

Buying the right clothing is very important. You must opt for good quality ski wear that is completely insulated to keep you warm in the chilly weather in the high altitudes. Luckily Ski wear is quite affordable these days and you can buy quality stuff without burning a hole in your pocket. Skate and Ski is the best shop for Ski clothing in Bristol where you can find a great collection of ski wear at very affordable prices. We have the best collection of ski clothing in Bristol that comes in all sizes and lovely colours along with great thermal value. We sell stuff that is not only practical but also helps you look stylish on the winter slopes.

It is also advisable that you must get some hands-on training by visiting a dry ski slope and have some instructions beforehand because skiing can be a gruelling experience for anyone, especially beginners. This type of training will help you get used to stuff like wearing the equipment and also the physical effort required.

Another vital aspect of your ski vacation is your equipment. If you are out to buy your own, be sure to take the services of some expert who can advise you on selecting the perfect ski gear based on your weight and skiing ability. Skate and Ski is the best ski shop in Bristol and our experienced staff will take all the necessary care in helping you pick up the best ski equipment for your skiing trip.

And don’t forget to pack other accessories like gloves, hat, sun cream and sunglasses, though small, they are very important for the happiest Ski vacation ever. Skate and Ski is undoubtedly the best ski shop in Bristol that will suffice all your needs for that dream Christmas Ski Holiday.