If you are a beginner, riding a small wobbly plank of wood is quite scary. Skateboarding is a sport that demands a lot of time and dedication, especially if you are planning on taking it seriously.

Since you are just starting out, here are some basic things that will introduce you to the exciting world of skateboarding.

Safety first – this is the first and the most important rule. Many skateboarders tend to forget about this resulting in skateboarding related injuries. Safety is primary and for that you will need to wear a helmet and safety pads for various body parts.

Get a good skateboard – when deciding on a skateboard, the best thing is to go to your local skate shop and talk to the people there. They will surely be able to help you choose a good beginner skateboard that suits your needs. Skate and Ski is one such skateboard shop in Bristol where we make sure you’re fully happy with the end product. As a beginner you need to focus mostly on good quality bearings and wheels. You can always upgrade as you progress.

Invest in a good pair of skate shoes – though there is no harm in skateboarding in normal skate shoes, good quality skate shoes provide optimum support and help enhance performance. They come with larger bottoms that provide you a better grip. Their reinforced side panels minimize wear and have extra padding to support your ankles.

Find your stance – Like all other board sports, skateboarding requires that one foot be in front while another goes back. Your front foot provides balance, while the back one steers and powers the board. Before you do anything on your skateboard, you need to nail down your stance.

Tricks – The first thing a beginner must learn is pushing. Once you are comfortable doing that, you can progress to learning tricks. An ollie is the basis of many other tricks so it is definitely the one you should try to master.

Learn to fall down correctly – Yes, there is such a thing as that. If you want to minimize the impact of your falls, you must learn how to land on parts of your body with enough tissues to cushion your impact.

Hopefully, these tips will help you go through your beginning stage of skateboarding. So just get yourself a good skateboard and kick start a new adventurous phase in your life. You can visit www.scooterandski.co.uk to buy Penny skateboards online along with a variety of other exciting skateboarding gear at budget friendly prices.