Quad skates

Have you ever wanted to roll around the streets or the skate park in some high-quality and comfortable skates? Well, now is your chance, as we have a wide selection of Quad Skates to choose from right here.

Quad skates feature four bulky and durable wheels on each foot, two in the front and two in the back. Some Quad Skates come with a toe stop at the front, enabling you to accelerate or stop quickly.

Quad skating can add some fun into your fitness routine, as some say it is equivalent to jogging, but way more fun. You can build muscle and develop your strength when quad skating as well!

We have a range of quad skates to choose from, including the California Pro Quad and the Candi Carlin. Our skates are available in different sizes; you simply check the listing to see if your size is available. We have many stylish skates to choose from, meaning you can find a pair that suits your style.

To meet our customers’ expectations, we have a wide range of parts for your scooter, reliable stunt scooters and accessories available at Scooter and Ski. We also offer a range of ski products, skateboards and skates, along with appropriate clothing. If you need any additional information about our products, including our stylish Quad Skates, our experienced team at Scooter and Ski will always be happy to help.

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